New Chianti Label – Sorelli Restyling

After so many years, the time has come for a restyling for our main label and our most famous wine. new chianti label

We have decided to enhance all the elements that have characterized this product by presenting them in a cleaner and more modern image. TheFigline palace was “freed” from the oval and placed in the center with a gold foil work. Today, like yesterday, we feel connected and we want to enhance our roots. The label is stripped of the box and becomes a totally white background to give greater prominence to the palace of Figline. The lions and the logo come back together in the black band. We have added a small text to communicate what this wine is for us, this land and our values ​​to produce it: “The wine of our origins, the leitmotif of history”.

This is not the first time that we renew the label but on every occasion we have felt and we feel proud of the old image and convinced that the new Chianti label we think can be the perfect evolution of the label of our origins. In the photo below the path that led us up to here. With Palazzo di Figline the absolute protagonist, albeit in different representations, of our label.

chianti nuova etichetta sorelli new label chianti