Ecocert Brasil Chianti Organic Certificate

Probably many take it for granted but a wine is not organic in all countries in the same way. In many countries of the world the standards for the production of organic wines differ. Over the years, the European institutions have undertaken to harmonize the systems by creating equivalence agreements, for example, between European organic production and that of the United States.Ecocert Brasil Chianti

In particular, this harmonization does not exist between Europe and Brazil. We have therefore decided to become the first Tuscan winery and among the first Italians to obtain Ecocert Brasil certification for organic production. Basically there are elements that differ. However, there is no substantial difference in terms of production (with the exception of the idea of ​​supply chains and some products for the management of the vineyard). However, since there is no agreement between these institutions, we had to start a new certification which took a long time but we are convinced it will allow us to enhance our Green production also in the eyes of Brazilian consumers.

Ecocert Brasil 

Ecocert is an inspection and certification body founded in France in 1991. The agronomists were aware of the need to develop an agricultural model based on respect for the environment. At the same time wanting to offer recognition to producers who choose this alternative. For almost 30 years we have been collaborating with the players in the organic market in the implementation and promotion of sustainable practices. Over the years, Ecocert has earned the trust of professionals and consumers and has become a reference point in organic certification in the world, reaching the position of world leader in the segment.

In 2001 Ecocert established itself in Brazil. Since then Ecocert has been a strong presence in the development of organic production in our country. Both by participating in the discussions for the construction of the Brazilian organic regulation, and by certifying thousands of producers.