International Wine Magazines and our Wines

For many years now, our main effort has been to make our wines known to consumers all over the world. Thanks to this commitment, international wine magazine s have menioned our wines, or winery in their editorials mainly thanks to our partners, importers and distributors.

Below is a short list of the last international wine magazines in chronological order to have talked about us or our wines. From the West with the Adega magazine of Brazil. A stop follows in Europe, in Italy for the Repubblica article. Finally, this quick trip ends first in Taiwan and then in Japan.


Adega represents the largest wine magazine in Brazil and is the world of wine, its historical, cultural, tourist, gastronomic and social aspects, as well as the lifestyle of wine lovers.



Wine & Spirit Digest Taiwan

WSD Wine & Spirits Digest is the unique wine and spirits industry trade magazine in Taiwan. It focuses on the latest alcoholic issues of Taiwan, therefore is regarded as “the most respected publication in Taiwan’s wine and spirits industry”.