Demeter Biodynamic Chianti

We are convinced that Demeter BiodynamicDemeter certification for our Chianti DOCG and Toscano Rosso IGT represents a very important step not only in the continuous search for quality but above all in the protection of a territory that is unique in the world. Certification to this new production standard required a great deal of commitment from our technicians but right from the start we considered it essential to take this step towards nature.

What is Demeter?

Demeter International is a multinational association and is the largest certification body for biodynamic agriculture. Its Demeter brand, used in over 40 countries, is issued to mark those agricultural or livestock products obtained according to the methods certified by the company. Demeter was born in 1927 by a cooperative of biodynamic farmers in Berlin, to certify their products and defend them from possible counterfeits. In 1928 the Demeter brand was officially established, which as such was the first ecological label for organic food.
The name was chosen in homage to Demeter, the Greek goddess of earth and fertility.

The Standards of winemaking

Demeter standards for winemaking not only identify the minimum necessary actions. They also indicate the direction to aim for improving the quality of the wine. The path to obtaining a biodynamic wine passes through the complete knowledge of the cultivation method and the application of Demeter standards. Starting from the “Demeter Standards of production” and the “Standards Demeter of transformation”. Alongside all the indications and prescriptions of the standards, however, the creativity and professionalism of the biodynamic winemaker intervenes. The producer is called upon to continually verify what has been prescribed and to bring the potential of his company to the best possible expression.